No Home 2012 Collaboration

ハサミ- Hasami

Natalie James & Alex Trimmer

Three retellings of an enduring Japanese urban myth, coloured and shaped by each interpretation.

Dressed in Sosume’s timeless pieces, our protagonist drifts through urban scenes, baiting prey who follow, enchanted.


Natalie James () - Director
Tomas Zagoda - Producer
Benjamin Morgan - First AD
John Maloney - Director of Photography
Laura Rinaldi - Camera Assist
Hayley Mackie () - Makeup and Hair
Natasha Rose Suda - Composer
Alex Trimmer - Sosume
Chervil Tan - Woman
Cal Watson - Man
Ish Wright - Man
Oliver Molesworth - Man
Terry Tang - Sushi Chef
Jyoti Bindu Elmer - Bartender

Thanks to:

Leon and Sean from Ponyfish Island, Ellen from Bar Ampere, Dave from Long Room, Justine from Carman's Kitchen. Ian Dart, Robert "Chum" Li, Zach Piccolo, Jeremy Beasley, Ian Dart, Robert "Chum" Li, Zach Piccolo, Jeremy Beasley

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